Monday, November 24, 2008

2+1 crazy two year old= my family

We attempted to have a family pictures of the three of us- my husband, daughter and myself. Well, much easier said than done. My best friend Christy was in town visiting so I asked (or told!) her to take out pictures. We went to this gorgeous garden in Ormond Beach. I will be going back there for future session for my clients without a doubt. Although Christy did a great job, Charlie didn't want to cooperate. And I'm so excited- this Wednesday, Christy will find out if she's having a girl or boy. I can't wait to hear the news!
Anyways, thank you Christy. We didn't get a frame-worthy shot, but there are a few cute ones in the bunch.

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A little more Marisa & Anderson

So sweet...there's nothing like a precious little new baby. And Anderson is just so handsome & Marisa is so stunning that I had to post a few more. Cheers!

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The Radwick Family

I'm always taking photos of sweet baby Presley but this weekend we did a family session for the holidays. Presley usually does AWESOME- lots of smiles & doesn't really care how I position her. On this day, I think because mommy was there, she wasn't having it! We did get some really cute pictures though before the meltdown (and the wardrobe change due to a minor choking incident). Happy Holidays to our great friends- Dan, Shannon & Presley

Friday, November 21, 2008

All I want for Christmas is Chewie!

My first attempt at taking pet photos... And I thought photographing a 2 year old was difficult! But Chewie did great for a puppy and I think we got a few cutie shots of him for his mommy.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nothin' Sweeter

Than my Charlie! We spent most of Saturday doing some early Christmas shopping at Downtown Disney. Charlie was spending some time with her Poppy and when Carlos & I came out of a store, this is what I found. And she was in heaven! And thankfully, we were able to distract her with popcorn shortly afterwards to get it away from her. But she sure did enjoy it as you can see.


I just starting working with adding textures to some of my photos. Here are a few examples in some revisited photos. Advice, constructive criticism & your thoughts are more than welcome. Let me know what you think about using textures to create a more dramatic, creative, unique & different kind of photo.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas Lily

Yesterday I had my first holiday session of the season for Little Miss Lily. She is such a sweet baby with the biggest smile ever! You will see in some of her photos, she smiles with her mouth wide open. I think she could put a smile on anyone's face!

(I tried something that I haven't done yet with the lights below. Still have some tweaking to do to get the settings/lighting right. )

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My new accessory

I have wanted to get my nose pierced for as long as I can remember and this weekend I finally did it! Yippee for me!!

(It's still a little red- just had it done on Saturday)

the FUBARs

During Biketoberfest we saw a band called The Fubars. We visited the Beachside Tavern in New Symrna on Saturday to see them again & take some pictures. Fun band...great place.

Love the reflection on the firepit table of the bar's name.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Miss Independent

Nicole has done a few sessions with me in the past. Here are few of my favs from her most recent session (and hers too!). I'm always up for something different, fun & adventurous. Feeling sassy & sexy like Nicole? Let's get something booked!

**Don't forget...only 50 DAYS until Christmas. The holidays tend to sneak up on most of us, including me. Photos make a great gift! Treat yourself or give the gift of photography to your friends & family. (Now is the time to ensure you get your prints by the holidays.)

More of Marisa & Anderson

So many cute pictures of my friend Marisa & the latest addtion to her family. Anderson is the sweetest little boy ever and Marisa looks amazing for having him only 12 weeks ago!

Marisa's a blogger too so leave some comments for her to see!
Busy weekend- heading to the Air Show at the Kennedy Space Center & to the Volusia County Fair. Should be some great photos opps!