Friday, July 24, 2009

The Estes Family

This week great friends of ours came to visit- they were actually on family vacation in Amelia Island from Georgia all week but stopped by to spend the day with us. Marisa wanted to get a family photo of the 3 of them- I know how hard it is; I have very few of me, Carlos & Charlie all together. After lunch and before nap time, we went to the good ol' backyard for a mini-session. Little Anderson is the happiest baby I've ever seen- he smiled non-stop. So sweet. I think that last time we saw them, Anderson was only a few months old. Nothing better than visiting with old friends. Here are a few I took yesterday for Marisa and her beautiful little family.

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Christy said...

These came out awesome. They are the cutest little family! Can't wait for you take ours now! :)