Monday, February 9, 2009

Ella & Family

On Saturday I drove to Deland to meet little Miss Ella and her family. Beth, Ella's mom, wanted some photos of her adorable 9 month old baby girl. Ella makes a lot of funny faces- I love when she would scrunch up her nose. We also included her big brother, Caleb, and her mom in a few frames as well.
Finally, Saturday was just perfect outside so I tried my hand at another mid-day session. And thanks to my training day with Jess, I think I did alright. Pheewww, just in time :)
Enjoy sweet Ella...

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BmR said...

Thanks Jennifer, you did such a nice job. We watched that video you made for us as well, so cute! I enjoyed looking at pictures of you little one (I'm assuming). Take care!