Thursday, October 29, 2009

Trash the Dress

trash-the-dress (def)- being able to express yourself in a fun, unique, unconventional and creative way that you cannot do on your actual wedding day. being able to wear that gorgeous gown once again, adding colorful and trendy accessories. can done with or without your new husband. super fun and highly recommended!!

Well, that's my definition! I met Tara last year for a Girl's Night photos session and then again for her wedding reception (their wedding was in Vegas!!). Since then I've taken head shots for her real estate business cards and she joined the Images for a Cure benefit as well. Finally, after some persuasion from her sister in law, she was ready for her trash the dress session. There is a spot that I've been wanting to shoot at for a long time in Ormond so first we headed there and then on to the beach. Despite the heat, some spooky green water and a very small run in with the law (lol!), we had an awesome session. Tara, like me, is a big fan of black and white photos so in her sneak peek, I included several. Hope you enjoy!!


Tara said...

Jenny I had so much fun and am absolutely thrilled with your creativity and artistry! You have always produced wonderful photos - from girl's nite, the professional head shots, my wedding reception, and of course, Images for a Cure. But some of these turned out so beautiful and colorful that this was my favorite shoot yet! You are so talented!

Jennifer said...

thank you so much are so sweet!