Thursday, April 16, 2009

Finally...The Radwick Family

Our great friends Dan, Shannon & little Presley have been wanting to do a family session for...well, forever! Not really, but for a few months now. Either it was rainy, too windy, too cold or someone was sick on the days we scheduled. Shannon's mom came down to visit from Tennessee last week so it was the perfect time to pick a date and stick to it. I have to say it was extremely windy on the beach down by the jetty where we met but we made the most of it and then moved on to a much calmer area. Here are a few of my favs from the Radwick Family session.

Three Generations
Shannon and her doodlebug

I love how the light falls on Presley, like she's an angel.
(well, she is!)


Anonymous said...

Hey Jenny,
Your pics are great...finally got the radwicks done huh...yes guess we are next someday..and can't wait. Natalie

Christy said...

Those came out really good! I love the one with the light shining in on Presley. Awesome!

Jennifer Ring Photography said...

Thanks girls. Muah!