Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Jess's Sassy Session

This weekend I had a super cute, super sassy session with Jess. She designs and makes her own jewelery that she will soon be selling. You can see some of the necklaces & bracelets in the photos. Once she has her website up and running, I will post a link.
Jess wanted to take photos as a surprise for her husband so we took some inside, studio style. You can only see a few of those...those are for her husband. But we also took a lot outside too, which are always my favorite sessions. We were lucky that the 12 noon sun was hiding behind the clouds for most of the session which made shooting at that time of day much easier. And she really liked some shots that I had taken in a previous session where my client was in the swimming pool. So Jess braved the 68 degree pool water for a few shots. She handled the cold water WAY better than I would have. All in all, it was a fun session.
My photog friend in Jacksonville, also named Jess, will be shooting this Jess and her family later this month. Can't wait to see those.
More blogs to come this week...I have LOTS to share but I'm way behind... keep checking for more stories, fun & photos!

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Jess Cumbie said...

OMG I want a pool now!!!!!