Thursday, April 30, 2009

A sad & scary week

This week my family has been hit with bad news from everywhere! I'm not one to share too much in my blog but we really need all the thoughts & prayers we can get. A few days ago my father-in-law told us that he has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. We were grateful for his recent trip to visit & Charlie just adores him but a little gray cloud was lingering over us. The doctor says that it's in the very early stages and should be a simple procedure. Nevertheless, we are terrified and really hope that is the case. Ron, my husband's dad, is 64 and the most healthy person I know. He still runs everyday, doesn't drink or smoke, eats very healthy- things that he has been doing all of his life. Such an admirable man & we love him dearly.
And as if that isn't hard enough, today my mom called me to tell me that my 27 year old brother, Mark, just found out that he too has cancer. WHAT??!!! He was scheduled to have surgery in 3 weeks but just yesterday his Dr. notified him that it could not wait & they are now having his surgery TODAY. It's just all too overwhelming...I can't even comprehend it all right now. Again, we hope for the best case scenario, that's all we can do. Hopefully the Dr can go in there and remove it and we never have to hear the word 'cancer' again. Mark lives in Virginia; all of our family is hours away so he will be alone today for his surgery. It's so frustrating and I don't know how my mom is able to keep it together.
I will keep everyone updated on my family; in the meantime please think of us, pray for us & hope for the best for Ron & Mark. They are both so special and we love them. And we need them.


Christy said...

They will be in our prayers and in our thoughts. I hope everything turns out okay as I am sure it will. Hang there and remember we are here for you no matter what! Love you bunches!

Marisa said...

oh jenny and carlos and the whole family....I am so sorry to hear this news. I am thinking about all of you and will keep you in my thoughts, say a couple of extras to the big man and hope for the best. We love you!