Monday, April 20, 2009

J. Coleman Designs

A few weeks ago I met Jess to take some photos of her jewelry line in St. Augustine (I recently posted Jess's Sassy Session). The day could not have been any more BEAUTIFUL- I snapped a few pictures by the fort while waiting for Jess to arrive. He jewelry is fun, cute and affordable. You can see more about J.Coleman Designs on her website
She's evening thinking about making a children's line which I think is totally fabulous! Stop by her website & check out her work.

This was my first product/marketing (whatever it's called) photo session. She wanted more than just photos of her jewelry but of her wearing her jewelry...something a little more creative. Whatcha think?


Marisa said...

I like it, the jewels, the pics and the branching out into different arena's. Jenny youhave it all. You could take pictures of salmon mating and make it spectacular.

Jennifer Ring Photography said...

Thanks Marisa!! Wow! So sweet! And if I ever see salmon mating, I will take a picture just for you:)