Thursday, April 22, 2010

Layla and Luke

A few weeks ago I drove to Spring Hill for a photos shoot- not any ordinary photo shoot- a very special one. My friend, Jenny, whom I've know since elementary school wanted me to take photos of her adorable children. Layla, who is so sweet and girly, just loved having her pictures taken (I told her she needs to have a talk with Charlie, my daughter, who doesn't like to have her pictures taken at all!). And precious little newborn Luke was only a few weeks old. It was so fun to see Jenny and meet her beautiful family. I'm so grateful that my passion and love of photography has brought me to old friends that I haven't seen or spoken to in years. Thank you Jenny, Jack, Layla and little Luke for welcoming me into your home. All my best...

Jack is an exotic game hunter so this is Luke of one of his many (and I mean MANY) captures.

I just love Luke's sweet and sleepy expression in this one.

Look at Luke grinnin' at his big!

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Jennifer Dickerson said...

We loved seeing you, too! There were so many beautiful shots it was almost impossible to decide. And I'm so glad to hear you'll be photographing my cousin & his family on the beach in Daytona in July. Can't wait to see those! Give my best to your family and thank you so much for making my babies look so gorgeous :-)